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Bolga Baskets from Ghana

Maybe some of us may already have been to Ghana, some of us may know that Ghana is just a country in Africa. Actually Ghana is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, Burkino Faso, and Togo. It is a beautiful country with friendly people, cultural diversity, and skilled craftsmen. 

Bolga Baskets which are made by the Frafra Tribe in Ghana’s Upper East Region, Bolgatanga, where it got its name. This region is considered the craft center of Ghana, where lots of talented professional craftsmen and artisans in this region and the surrounding villages work deliqiently to creat these magnificant art pieces.These art pieces are true classic symbol of African craftsmanship. 

The Bolga Baskets are known for their durability, unique patterns and their lively colors.It is a cumbersome task to produce these unique baskets. It may take up to a week to finish one, however these unique products generate substantial source of income for Bolgatanga region.

Now let us talk briefly talk about the production stages of these baskets:
The First stage is the harvesting of tall elephant grass from local fields. Then these straws are bundled and made ready for the dying process.

Secondly they pick natural plant dyes and boil them in hot boilers and dip those bundles of elephant grass in these boilers which results in georgous vibrant colors. 

Thirdly, the artisans gently select the appropriate color of grass to fit to their pattern and design and start the weaving process from the bottom to top of the basket.

Finally, they complete the magnificant art piece by tying the leather handles to finish the product.

If you already have a Bolga basket, please hold it and examine the colors and design of this great art piece which is made made by a very talented artisans.This great craftmenship is being inherited by the younger generations over the many years to come.But if you don’t have one and want to have a closer look to your own art piece, check our Catalog for avaibility.Remember these art pieces are hand crafted and may take probably at least a week before you may receive one. Please be patient. We are always at your service, regardless of the distance.

From Ghana with Love,



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Bolga Baskets from Ghana

Maybe some of us may already have been to Ghana, some of us may know that Ghana is just a country in Africa. Actually Ghana

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