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The following terms and conditions apply to the offer of each product that you order from our webstore.

By accessing this website, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and also agree that you are responsible for compliance with any national or local laws relevant to its use. If you do not agree with any of these Terms and Conditions, you may not use nor access this website.Zaarefolks INC may revise these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice. By using this website you agree to be bound by the then current version of these Terms and Conditions.


We value the trust you place in ZAAREFOLKS and we take your rights very seriously. These general terms and conditions of sale will clarify your legal rights during your visit and purchases on the ZAAREFOLKS website. In these terms and conditions “we” and “us” mean ZAAREFOLKS, and “you” means the customer. By accessing www.zaarefolks.com, you agree to a lawful commitment and to complying with the provisions and conditions below. These terms and conditions together with your order confirmation constitute the contract between us and you for the supply of products. No other terms and conditions shall apply. The contract cannot be varied unless we agree to vary it in writing of by email.


  • You may place an order by filling in the order form on the website: zaarefolks.com and clicking on the appropriate submission button.
  • When you place your order, you will receive a web order number.
  • By placing an order, you make an offer to us to purchase the products you have selected on these terms and conditions. We may not accept your offer at our discretion.
  • If we accept your order, we will notify you of our acceptance by issuing an order confirmation. We will send you your order confirmation by email. The order confirmation will be effective on sending. If we cannot accept your order, we will attempt to contact you by email or telephone.
  • Whilst we will make every effort to supply you with the products listed on the order confirmation, there may be occasions where we are unable to supply these products because, for example, (a) such products are no longer being manufactured or available, or (b) we are unable to source relevant components, or (c) if there was a pricing error on the website of ZAAREFOLKS or (d) the shipment of the ordered items involves an excessive risk of damage. After paying a supplement (on request), shipment can continue as usual. In such circumstances we will contact you to inform you and may suggest alternative products. If you do not accept our suggestion then we will cancel your order in relation to those products we cannot supply and repay you the money that you may have paid to us in relation to those products. Repayment will be extent of our liability to you if we are unable to deliver the products you have ordered.
  • ZAAREFOLKS shall not be held liable for any losses incurred as a result of the unavailability of an item.



When you are a consumer:
• The prices quoted for the products and services offered for sale will be quoted in USD, inclusive of VAT and exclusive of handling charges.
• VAT is payable by you at the applicable rate as indicated on your invoice.

  • Payment can be made in any of the manners specified during the ordering process.
  • If you are paying by credit card, then you must supply your credit card details when you place your order. Your credit card will be charged when your order is confirmed. We will not commence the delivery of your products until your credit card issuer has authorized the use of your card for payment of the products you have ordered. If we do not receive such authorization we shall let you know. Your credit card has to correspond to the country where we should deliver the goods.
  • If you are paying by bank transfer a request for payment (= a pro forma invoice) will be sent to you and your products will be supplied after your payment is cleared. If we do not receive the payment within 15 days after the date of your order, then your order will be cancelled.
  • You must pay your order in the currency as indicated on your invoice.
  • We will send your invoice and products to you at the billing address indicated on your order confirmation.
  • ZAAREFOLKS stays the owner of the goods until you have paid them completely.



  • We will deliver the products which are indicated on your order confirmation. These terms and conditions apply to that delivery.
  • We will deliver your products to the delivery address indicated on your order confirmation, except when you pay your products by credit card. In that case, we will deliver your products to the invoice address of your credit card which is indicated on your order confirmation.
  • We will use our reasonable endeavors to manufacture your products within 14 days of the date of issue of your order confirmation. Estimated delivery times of the products which are given at the time of placing an order are only estimates and do not always equate to the real delivery times. Exceeding the delivery times means not that you confer entitlement to a compensation, neither a reduction nor any other form of compensation.
  • ZAAREFOLKS delivers all the ordered products at the same moment. We don’t split our deliveries up on different days.
  • You may cancel your order at any time prior to delivery of the ordered products, by contacting us by letter and quoting your web order number.
  • Transfer is effected at the time that you (or someone on your behalf) take receipt of the product.
  • Title to and risk of loss concerning your products, will pass to you on delivery of the products to the address stated in your order confirmation.
  • Upon delivery of the products to our carrier we will send you a confirmation of shipment by mail, on condition that you have indicated an email address on the order form.



This condition applies exclusively to the sale of internet to consumers.

  • ZAAREFOLKS doesn’t take products back which aren’t in their original packaging anymore. We also don’t take used, assembled or damaged products back.
  • In the same duration, you have to send the original packaging with all the accessories, the directions for use and the invoice/receipt of delivery (on your own costs) back to ZAAREFOLKS M240 Bolga-Zaare Opposite St Louis S.H.S Bolgatanga, Ghana .
  • In 30 days after the acceptation of taking back the products, we will pay you back. With the exception of the delivery costs.
  • ZAAREFOLKS reserves the right to reject returned items or refuse refund if the items have been damaged by the customer.



You can contact us:

    • through the contact form on our website
    • via e-mail at the address info@zaarefolks.com;

When contacting us you must quote your web order number.


Upon entering into a contract, you agree to comply with all export laws. You agree (a) not to export any product for any country in contravention of any export law, and (b) not to export any product to any country for which an export license or other governmental approval is required, without first obtaining all necessary licenses or other approvals. You warrant that you are not located in, under the control of, or a national or resident of any country to which export of the products is prohibited by any export law.


  • By placing your order, you agree and understand that we may store, process and use data collected from your order form for the purposes of processing your order.
  • We work with other companies that help us provide products to you. For example we may provide your information to these companies for the shipment of products to you or to ensure that you benefit from special purchase discounts of terms.
  • In addition, when you have requested finance in order to pay for the products ordered, some of the information you provide to us will be passed to companies providing finance for your purchase.
  • When ZAAREFOLKS provides your information to a third party, this company may only use the information for efforts.



We will make every effort to perform our obligations under the contract. However, we can’t be held responsible for delays or failure to perform if such delay or failure is caused by any circumstances beyond our reasonable control. In the event of a delay, we will perform our obligations as soon as reasonably possible.


  • Neither our failure or your failure to enforce any term of the contract constitutes a waiver of such term. Such failure shall in no way affect the right later to enforce such term.
  • The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of the contract shall not adversely affect the validity of enforceability of the remaining provisions.
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