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Zola Picnic Basket


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Handmade Colorful Picnic Basket, Storage Basket, Africa Basket

This beautiful handmade basket is manufactured by craftsman living in Bolgatanga and surrounding villages in Africa.

Our baskets are woven using elephant grass colored with non-toxic fabrics and vegetable dyes to generate all natural, modern colors after being dried in the sun. The double woven handles of our products, which are entirely eco-friendly and sustainable, are wrapped in leather to provide comfort and padding. Leathers are naturally tanned using local seeds and red corn.

Each basket has a unique hand-woven quality, so our standard sizes may slightly vary.

Approx. dimensions:

28 cm H x 45 cm W X 25 cm Depth ( 11" H X 17.5 W X 10 Depth)

You can use our picnic baskets while having a picnic, storing your towels or linens, your child’s toys or other your necessary things.

As ZAAREFOLKS, we are very pleased and proud of the fact that the each basket we bring in to your life provides support for Ghanaian craftsmen and their families and contributes to the continuation of this unique works of art.

Maintenance instructions
Keeping our maintenance suggestions in mind, you can use your eco-friendly basket for years,
1. In case of soaking, sun-dry your basket or leave it to dry at room
2. Make sure to keep your basket in the shade to prevent color fading.

Forming instructions
If your basket becomes deformed over time, please follow these instructions:
1. If any, leaving out the leather straps, dampen your basket in cold water.
2. Gently bring the basket back to its original shape using your hands.
3. Let it dry completely. Once your basket is dry, it will regain its shape.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 17.5 × 17.5 × 11 in

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